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  • PTSD is NOT


    A Life Sentence

    There is help. We are here for you.

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  • Trauma is Treatable


    “We believe that of all the mental health problems, those that are trauma-related are the most treatable. We also believe it doesn’t take years to do it.” -- Louis Tinnin, MD

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PTSD is not a life sentence. Call today (304) 291-2912

Individual sessions

At ITT, all sessions are individual ones. We provide an individualized, intensive five- to ten-day outpatient treatment for trauma as an alternative to outpatient and hospital programs that use a combination of individual and group therapy sessions.

No reliving

Our treatment model does not require reliving the traumatic events in order to thoroughly process them and make them past tense.

Substantial gains in short time

A person can have 30 hours of therapy in a 5-day treatment. A 10-day program is roughly the equivalent of more than a year’s worth of weekly therapy. With back-to-back sessions, there is a momentum that develops that condenses the time require to deal with each specific trauma.


With all sessions being individual ones, no one other than your treatment team will know about your history. And, since the program is private pay, insurance companies will not have access to your records.

Are you on the edge of despair?

Many people suffer in silence, believing that severe depression, suicidal urges, and auditory hallucinations mean that they are “crazy.” But the truth is, these symptoms--as well as panic attacks, hypervigilance, social phobia, self-mutilation, eating problems, recurring nightmares, flashbacks, and substance abuse--are often the lingering results of trauma.

The effects of trauma are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be discouraging. Many people feel hopeless that their symptoms can change. Treatment options can be confusing, expensive, and yield results that are painfully slow.

The good news is that trauma symptoms can be treated simply and effectively.

Is Intensive Trauma Therapy (ITT) for me?

  • Do you have several diagnoses that don’t seem appropriate?
  • Are you disappointed with group therapy?
  • Do you hear voices or strong thoughts that don’t seem to be yours?
  • Are you on a plateau in therapy?
  • Do you feel your therapist does not have skills to treat you?
  • Has medication not relieved your symptoms?
  • Do you feel your therapy focused on the wrong issues?
If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, consider ITT for trauma treatment.